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Hotels building is placed in a most distinct borough of old Lviv- Lychakiv. Its an only borough that still keeps its old name since 15 century, when it was officially settled. The name comes from changed German name Lutsengoff, meaning THE HOUSE OF LUTSES- German colonists, which lived here couple of centuries ago. The main attraction of Lychakiv were its beautiful green gardens and graperies! Yes, we did grow grapes back then, as the climate was a lot warmer and even import fine vines into Europe. Sometimes smart vine sellers cheat costumers by imposing domestic vine as imported from Spain.
The house of the hotel is located on the site of the ancient settlement Lychakov - Volya Kampianovska, which was founded in 1561 by Lviv philanthropist doctor Pavel Kampian in his lands. He at his own expense built the Renaissance chapel at the Latin Cathedral and founded a foundation for providing non-interest loans to poor citizens. His son Martin (1574-1629) also became a physician, in particular he treated the Polish king Sigmund III, continued financial transactions and achieved a high position in the city council.
200 years ago Vienna sculptor Antony Shimser with his brother Johan, the sons of Antony Shimser-senior, were creating their works of art here. They decorated fronts of houses with a stories from antique Greece mythology, and they created many art works in a styles of Classicism and Ampire, that embellish our city and especially Lychakiv Cemetery until now.
In particular, Shimser brothers loved Antique classic, and very often illustrated Hommers “ILLIADE”-so called series named TROJAN WAR on a front side of the Cholonievski Palace on present Vynnychenka St., or a 3-d image “AENEIS SAVING HIS FATHER”, “PARIS ABDUCTING HELENA”, “RETURNING OF ODISSEY” and others on the front of the building #3 on Svobody Ave- former Credit Union building. Son of Johan Schimzer - Leopold continued his father's and uncle’s case and opened a carving workshop and settled in a house where the Hotel Eney stands.
Grandson of Johan Shimser - Julian Sheliga Markovsky- sculptor of the age of Historysm and Secession (Art Nuevo) in Ukraine has inherited family profession – sculpture making. Elegant Secession works of Julian Markovsky were making strong impressions on his coevals. A special subject of the capture of Lviv is a tombstone in the form of a sleeping girl on the grave of Ludwick and Katerina Markovsky. The enthusiasm was so great that under unknown circumstances, before the First World War, they stole a sculpture of an Angel of Pain standing at the head of the monument. And guides even tell the legend, allegedly at night a stone girl cries...
Markovsky left for Vienna, where in years 1867-1868 he was studying sculpture in the Art Academy. After coming back to lviv in 1870, Julian Markovsky lived with his uncle Leopold Shimzer and open carving shop at the same place were the ENEY Hotel is built.

Historical building was erected on a turn 20-th century, and decorated in a Vienna Secession style, that was so worshipped by Julian Markovski, in a best traditions of Otto Wagner – leader of Vienna Secession. Outstanding Lviv architects were under great influence of theory and works of art of Otto Wagner, but also Lviv Secession was relied on reach historical experience of Lviv. The number of distinctive signs of secession were used in a decoration of a hotels facade - free composed flat décor of floral or figural origin, antique Greece mythology characters, allegories, active bright golden elements.
Hotel ENEY attracts its guests with indescribable beauty and history, tied with creative heritage Lviv family of artists, and not coincidence that the street were Shimzers grandson Markowski was working, now bears the name of Shimzer brothers, and a Hotel is named after Aeneis - Eney, who was often pictured in works of Shimzers. Aeneis was a glorious Trojan War hero, who is considered to be a founder of Roman Empire and his son Jul – an ancestor of emperors dynasty of Jules. For Ukrainians Eney became close thanks to writer Kotliarevsky, who changed Vergilius’ "Aeneida" into Ukrainian way, making it into encyclopedia of Ukrainian life and making Eney a kozak and national hero.

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